The Advantages of Being a Sole Trader

Having a business by your own has its advantages. Although single proprietorships have their own disadvantages, like having to deal with small start-up capital and less manpower, it provides a perfect vehicle to make you the best that you can be as a businessman.

Being in whatever field of business whether it is on merchandising, production of goods, or provision of services; you need the necessary acumen to succeed. Business sense can be derived from formal education, but there are more successful businessmen who never went to business schools. Experience and the willingness to learn can assure you of success in the field of business.

Starting with a sole proprietorship may help you develop qualities that you need before taking your business to the next level. Here’s how.

Full Development of Managerial Skills

businessmanSole proprietorship means you have to do all the managerial functions of your business entity. You may even be your own employee because there is insufficiency of manpower. From major decisions to establishing your strategies, you must have full accountability for all your actions.

Developing quality managerial skills may take some time. Targets may be nominal at first, but the challenge is setting higher targets as you become accustomed to your business. Time management and eliciting loyalty from your employees are things you should do in the first place.

Indeed, a sole proprietorship will give you the training ground to fully enhance your capabilities as a businessman.

You Are the Boss and No One Else

With a small start-up capital, you become the boss of your own company. By being the boss, you set your own rules, and you need not have to report to a superior. You are not accountable to anybody else but yourself and your company.

By being the boss of your own company, you can freely innovate and may decide on drastic changes in strategies and targets of your business without having to consider other ideas.

The Profit Is Yours Alone

businessWhatever profit you will gain from your business, it is yours and yours alone. You need not share it with a business partner or an incorporator. With the right business practices and strategies, your profits may increase in due time.

In sole proprietorships, you are encouraged to do your best and to give the best that you can. You will never be wary of the time and effort spent with regards to your business.


If a change in business is needed to counter the effects of current financial conditions, then sole proprietorship can be the most flexible type of business. A sole trader has an easier chance of a change of business in the case of an unpleasant business environment. Studying more profitable endeavors can help a sole trader to decide on what kind of business he will have.

In business, there is always a chance for losses. By starting small, you won’t have any chance of losing big, but you can have the opportunity to gain big. Indeed, being a sole trader can open a new whole world of possibilities for you.