Reasons for blocked drains and how to avoid them


It is inconveniencing when you are unable to use your plumbing system and water. Your plumbing system must work well for you to have running water in your home. Do not allow yourself to be in an inconveniencing situation where you are forced to call in a plumber for repairs that you can easily avoid. You can avoid emergency repairs that are very costly by making sure that you keep your pipes clear and free. Here are the most common reasons why drains block and how you can avoid them.


If your kitchen sink is clogged, may be due to oils build up. Greases clog up drains fast. Avoid throwing excess cooking grease down the drain. Liquefied hot grease inside plumbing later solidifies while grabbing ahold of debris and extra particles of food. This damages the pipes since it creates a very difficult sink


If your tub or sink seems to be suddenly clogged, it may be objects stuck inside the pipes. This occurs when objects are left by a sink that has no drain screen or filter. The object may not block the pipes completely at first, but it may accumulate debris that later clogs the pipes.


In most cases, hair build up is the cause of clogs in your bathroom. Long strands of hair tangle and create larger balls of hair that work like a net which eventually begins to trap other smaller hair and debris which makes the sink to stop emptying. Use strainers in all your bathroom sinks and tubs to avoid this.

Non-flushable materials

Children, as well as adults, are to blame for trying to flush non-flushable objects down the toilet, adults are too. Since not all septic systems can handle non-flushable materials, the clogs that result can be the most difficult to deal with. Only flush items that are completely flushable and septic system safe.

Growth of vegetation

waterspoutThis may not be the most common factor, but it can lead to the most extensive and expensive repairs. Mostly, the installation of piping systems in most homes were long built, and new, different blockages that cannot be seen occur from vegetation growth and by way of trees root systems. These roots slowly put pressure on plumbing lines making then to block, bend, leak, or break which create a situation that can be worse. In most cases, to repair the damage, expensive digging, machinery, and re-sodding of lawns is required.

Keep smooth running of your systems by avoiding the common things that clog plumbing systems.