Guide to Finding a Clothing Manufacturer

clothes shopFashion is a popular niche in e-commerce, which can be a bit challenging to break into. As a newbie in the industry, part of what you need to do is find a clothing manufacturer. There are many considerations that you have to make when choosing the clothing manufacturer for your needs. Getting the right one will help to ensure that your brand is unique and stands out, in addition to getting value for your money. Some of the considerations to make are highlighted below.


Your budget will significantly influence your decision. If you have a limited budget, your options will be limited to only the manufacturers that can fit it. You should start by getting your costing right. The most affordable clothing manufacturer may not necessarily be the best choice for you. A price difference may be due to their shortfalls in meeting customer expectations. On the other hand, the manufacturer you choose should not charge exorbitantly either.

Working Experience

The number of years that a manufacturer has been in business can be a great indicator of competence. A clothing manufacturer that has been in the industry for many years and has managed to retain an excellent reputation will probably be an excellent choice for you. The size of the manufacturing company also matters. A big company with many years of experience is also likely to have horned the best manufacturing skills and invested in the latest tools and equipment needed to do a great job.


Some clothing manufacturing companies specialize in particular types of fabrics. Such may be a good option for you, particularly if the company is located close to the fabric factory. That is because the factory will not have to import the fabric in bulk and force you to buy in bulk, adding to your warehousing costs. Specialization also helps to reduce manufacturing costs, the benefits of which will be passed down to line

Domestic vs. Overseas

Another consideration that you also have to make include whether to use a local clothing manufacturer or opt to go abroad. Both have some pros and cons. For example, domestic manufacturers may offer better quality because of the regulated labor standards, but it will cost you more. Clothing manufacturers overseas may charge you less, but the quality might also be lower. You also have to factor in the shipping times if you opt to go abroad, as shipping might take a lot longer compared to the domestic options.