Role of Pillows in Offering a Good Quality Sleep

Role of Pillows in Offering a Good Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for your well-being. Apart from healthy eating and exercising on a regular basis, one is advised to observe good sleeping habits for the improvement of their general health. Depriving yourself such can lead to obesity and other health complications. One benefit you can experience with having a quality sleep is increased productivity. You get to wake up with a fresh mind to carry on with the day’s activities. Your concentration levels will be high during that day. Children who get enough rest are said to have excellent problem-solving skills in class. One is also free from dangerous illnesses like heart disease and stroke.

Depriving yourself some rest can speed up the rate at which these illnesses act on your body. Work on your sleeping habits to stay free from such diseases. The number of hours you sleep can determine the quality of rest you get. One is also advised to avoid eating heavy meals before going to bed because it may bring about discomfort at night. Beverages like coffee contain stimulants which may bring about insomnia and affect your sleeping schedule. Make sure you are in the right state to experience good rest. The recommended sleeping hours for adults is 6 to 9 hours while children and teenagers aged between 6 to 17 years are advised to take a rest of 8 to 11 hours. Your sleeping environment can also determine the quality of rest you get. Room lighting, cleanliness, and beddings are some are some of the things required for a proper resting environment. You should pick the right mattress, beddings, and pillow. The pillow is like a cushioning bag used to support one’s head when sleeping. It is filled with soft materials like feathers and silicone fiber to give your head a smooth rest.

Picking the right pillow

You should go for the right pillow if you need quality sleep. The following are some of the things you should put into consideration when purchasing one:

Sleeping positions

sleeping positionWe all have our preferred or natural sleeping positions. You should consider your resting position when purchasing a pillow. Some of the common postures include side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. Side sleepers should buy a thick and firm cushion while stomach sleepers are advised to purchase a soft pillow to prevent their necks from straining. Back sleepers should go for a flatter one to align the head and neck. They can also go for a softer pillow to stay free from neck and back pains.


You should go for a filling that you find comfortable. Those filled with feathers are known to retain more warmth and provide your head with enough support.  They are also known to be cheap and durable. Another type of filling is the memory foam, which is said to be good for your health. It is made from a material which is temperature sensitive. This gives it room to adjust to the temperatures and weight of whoever is sleeping on it. As temperature increases, the mattress becomes soft providing you with good rest. The type of comfort you need should guide you in choosing a pillow with the right materials.


One is advised to go for a size that suits their preference. They come in different shapes and sizes. The size of your bed can guide you in purchasing one. A larger pillow is the standard size one can buy. This type can match all the sleeping habits notwithstanding the number of times you turn when sleeping. Big pads are also known to be of aesthetic value when it comes to making your bed.

Pillows and quality sleep

Good sleep is not all about sleeping for the recommended number of hours but ensuring all is good in your resting environment. Create a pleasant ambiance in your room by cleaning it and doing proper lighting. Make sure your beddings are in excellent condition not forgetting your mattress and pillows because they play a significant role in offering quality rest. Here is how pillows add value to your sleep.


Pillows offer great support to your head and back which is essential for a good quality rest. The support you get from sleeping on them is said to be beneficial to your health in several ways. Your spine is one essential and sensitive part of your body. Poor sleeping habits can lead to spinal disorders. What are spinal disorders? They can be injuries or infections that may harm or damage your backbone. Such a condition may paralyze and leave you in a situation where you are not able to walk again.

You should use pillows to keep your spine in great condition. Your neck is another part of your body that can be affected by poor sleeping habits. Most of the times people who sleep with no pillows experience neck pains. This is probably brought about by the lack of proper support for their heads. If you wake up with a stiff or painful neck, then it is high time you get yourself a new pillow to improve your sleeping experience.bed pillows for health sleep


We all retire to our beds after a long tiresome day. Those who do not go through strenuous activities also need rest to refresh their minds. There are various things people do to have a comfortable sleep. Some prefer showering because it opens up their pores for a great night’s rest. There are those who prefer dim or no lights at all during the night. Getting yourself a good pillow can also improve the levels of comfort when sleeping.

Enough warmth is required for one to enjoy their rest, and that is why many will go for heavy blankets or duvets. Those who do not cover their heads at night can get warmth from their pillows. They are stuffed with materials that help keep you warm. These materials are known to absorb heat from your body and store it to keep you warm. You do not need to worry about cold nights because as much as you got the other part of your body covered, your head is still sorted. Get yourself a good pillow for a comfortable sleep.

Effects of sleep deprivation on your body

Effects of sleep deprivation on your body

Sleep deprivation is a state of lack of enough sleep for a prolonged period. It affects people differently, leading to clumsiness, fatigue and cognitive impairment to some and alertness, increased energy, and mood enhancement to others. Whichever way you look at it, sleep deprivation is not good for your health and can be brought by many factors among them sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow. Checking whether a pillow is right for your sleeping position is essential when buying pillows for examples. Same applies to mattresses.

Here are the effects of sleep deprivation

1. Cognitive impairment

Adequate sleep fine-tunes the body-mind awareness. If you don’t get enough sleep, this awareness is impaired. Your mind can hardly process information. You can hardly concentrate on anything that you are doing. Students cannot concentrate in class. Attention Deficit Disorder slowly creeps in, and you cannot even watch your favorite TV program for a few minutes. Your reaction time increases and accuracy decreases. In the long term, you are mentally impaired.sleep deprivation

2. Increased risk of obesity

As you deny yourself enough sleep, fat takes its sweet time to accumulate under your skin. As you work overnight, for instance, you will have food cravings that will be hard to stand. You will find yourself eating three meals at night just like the daytime. Your body has more food than it requires. Sleep deprivation is also associated with poor eating habits like the binge-eating disorder where you are obsessed with food. You are always hungry, and you eat anything edible. You can guess the next problem. It is obesity of course.

3. Increased risk of heart diseases

We just talked about sleep deprivation and obesity. With obesity comes all the weight-related illnesses. Precisely, chronic sleep restriction makes one vulnerable to kidney diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes and depression. It all begins when chronic sleep deprivation impairs the body immune system. When the body’s ability to fight diseases is adversely affected, prepare to meet the wrath of any disease. Even the mildest of diseases like flu will hit you very hard. Some, like the ones mentioned here, are life-threatening.

4. Irritability

ladySleep deprived people have symptoms similar to those of the people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These symptoms include irritability, memory lapse, fidgeting, unceasing movements from one place to the other, talking nonstop, and overreaction to feelings. With these symptoms, it is difficult to have a high quality of life. You can’t watch a full movie with your significant other. Neither can you watch your kids play or have fun in school. You have hallucinations and you yawn severely all the time. You move helter-skelter like a cat on hot bricks and you are always hungry. Then the worst part of it comes. You can’t even focus on the road while driving. Drowsy driving claims numerous lives every year and leaves scores of other people injured. This is my plea to all of you: pay close attention to the number of hours you sleep if you are a driver.

In summary, minor sleep deprivation is almost unavoidable. None of us can claim to have perfect sleeping habits, keeping in mind that even oversleeping is wrong. We have all burnt the midnight oil or overslept at some points in our lives. You want to meet an important deadline and you have been busy all the day. It is okay to remain awake for a night or two. What is wrong is prolonged sleep restriction.